Say goodbye to soul-crushing meetings.

MeetingHero makes it easy for you and your team
to have highly productive, engaging meetings.

Works Wherever You Do

MeetingHero is easy to use on any phone, tablet and computer so
you can capture important details anytime.

Capture and Collaborate
in Real-Time

Easy to collaborate and capture critical meeting
details so everyone is heard and nothing gets lost.

Shorter, Focused Meetings

MeetingHero makes it easy for you and your team to create, share and stick to meeting agendas so you can have focused, productive conversations, and meaningful takeaways.

Drive More Decisions

By providing just the right amount of structure during your meeting,
MeetingHero helps guide your team toward making decisions and
agreeing on next steps.

Stay Informed with Shareable Meeting Summaries

Every meeting has an easy to access, shareable meeting summary, so you can skip out on meetings and still stay informed.

All Your Meeting Notes, at Your Fingertips

MeetingHero organizes all of your meeting notes from all of your meetings so you can easily remember what you talked about, what decisions you made and what was left unresolved.

Works With Your Calendar

MeetingHero syncs with Google Calendar (others coming soon), so you can create and invite people to meetings the way you always do, and use MeetingHero to ensure those meetings are way more productive and engaging.

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